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Games for playgrounds, a wide variety of street furniture, bio healthy games and sports circuits.
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Find here all our products for the assembly of recreational areas for children.

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Bio-healthy games

Find here all our products to encourage physical activity and healthy living.

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Sports Circuits

Find here all our products for assembling sports areas.

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Agility Track

Agility circuit that allows dogs and caregivers the ideal environment to train and perform physical activity together.

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Urban Furniture

Find here all our products for the design and adaptation of all kinds of areas for the city.

Our team of designers URBAN ENVIRONMENT will help you project all kinds of playgrounds, distributing surfaces between different activities, thus creating a complete playground for the user. We offer expert advice without any compromise in terms of layout and design of your playground, including flat 2D, 3D drawings and plans of the game.

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Equipamientos para Entorno Urbano S.L.U COPELE Group
Since 1995 designing furniture for cities.

We committed to the constant development of new products and designs. To do this, we have an extensive catalog of children's games, a wide variety of street furniture, bio healthy games and sports circuits.

We value the quality and safety of our products, to manufacture it under strict control quality and the demands of our TÜV certification in accordance with the standards EN-1176 y EN-1177.

The value that defines the quality of a company is the team, so we have qualified staff to provide the best service. We conducted a study without obligation your playground or street furniture project for improvement of future developments.



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