We manufacture & design custom playgrounds

Bug playgrounds:
These highly interactive insect-shaped playgrounds delight children and boost the appeal of any recreational area.

What is the Bug playground series?

Our Bug playgrounds are the ideal solution for city councils and construction companies that want to include a children’s play area in their space.

The Bug playground series goes above and beyond the usual playground equipment. With eye-catching insect-shaped designs, these playgrounds are an irresistible attraction for young children.

We offer playgrounds in the shape of bumblebees, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, spiders and ladybugs. Our comprehensive products stand out from equipment you typically find at a playground and include climbing structures, rotating elements, inner cabins, slides and more.

In addition, our Bug playgrounds are made from top materials, such as:

  • HPL digital printing with maximum UV resistance (EN438-6).
  • Galvanized steel and baked polyester paint.
  • Stainless steel ramps and hardware.

Sold in the Bug series


Where the Bug playgrounds are located, including parks in Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Holland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Malta, Andorra and of course Spain.

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The project implementation process

The client communicates their goals and requirements to us.

We create a 2D layout design, as well as a few 3D views.

In this way, you get a realistic vision of what the project looks like.

We manufacture the project according to your custom needs.

Benefits of the Bug playground series

High-quality materials:

The Bug playground series is made of HPL panels finished with 3D digital printing and UV protection. These HPL panels are fireproof and highly resistant to breaking or erosion.

The UV protection helps the paint to degrade very slowly, enabling the product to last longer and maintain its original vivid color.

We’re the only company in Spain that uses 3D digital finishing and UV protection on our products.


We’re trailblazers in developing animal-inspired children’s playground equipment. We’ve patented all the products in the Bug playground series. In addition, we’ve been designing and manufacturing our own products since 2010.

Why choose us

Regulatory compliance
We value the quality and safety of our products, especially those designed for children. That’s why we manufacture using strict quality controls and follow the requirements of our TÜV certification in accordance with laws EN-1176 and EN-1177.

Service & quality
We know that our human resources are our greatest value as a company. Our qualified staff provides the highest level of service from your project’s start to finish, including planning, design, manufacturing, quality control and installation. We offer an initial, non-binding evaluation of your playground or street furniture project to recommend the best future course of action.

Top materials
We take great care in choosing our construction materials. In all our products, we use superior and environmentally-friendly materials with certificates of origin that are suitable for outdoor installation. All of them are durable against severe weather conditions and resistant to wear and tear, water, corrosion, chemical agents, mites, fire, solar radiation and more.

Pourquoi nous choisir?

Conformité réglementaire

Nous attachons une grande importance à la qualité et à la sécurité de nos produits, en particulier ceux destinés aux enfants. C’est pourquoi nous fabriquons nos produits en appliquant des contrôles de qualité stricts et en respectant les exigences de notre certification TÜV conformément aux lois EN-1176 et EN-1177.

Service et qualité

Nous savons que nos ressources humaines sont notre plus grande valeur en tant qu’entreprise. Notre personnel qualifié fournit le plus haut niveau de service du début à la fin de votre projet, y compris la planification, la conception, la fabrication, le contrôle de la qualité et l’installation. Nous proposons une évaluation initiale, sans engagement, de votre projet d’aire de jeux ou de mobilier urbain afin de vous recommander le meilleur plan d’action futur.

Matériaux supérieurs

Nous apportons un soin particulier au choix de nos matériaux de construction. Pour tous nos produits, nous utilisons des matériaux de qualité supérieure et respectueux de l’environnement, dotés de certificats d’origine et adaptés à une installation en extérieur. Ils sont tous durables et résistants aux intempéries, à l’usure, à l’eau, à la corrosion, aux agents chimiques, aux acariens, au feu, au rayonnement solaire, etc.


Yes, the Bug playground series is certified. We are TÜV certified in accordance with laws EN-1176 and EN-1177.

The size of the playground depends on the animal. Here are the measurements for each one of them:

Our Bug playgrounds are delivered semi-assembled. We have all the necessary documentation, including product spec sheets, assembly instructions and certificates, required to correctly finish assembling them on-site.

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