About us

In facilities for URBAN ENVIRONMENT carry since 1995 working on the design of urban furnishing for cities. Our manufacturing processes and design together with quality materials used, make our products meet the most stringent criteria of the market and are ergonomic, practical, nice, durable, safe and resistant.

An Extensive Variety of Products

We committed to developing new products and a constant concern of progress in our development and design. To do this, we offer, in addition to an extensive catalog of children’s games, a wide variety of street furniture, biosaludables games and sports circuits.

Meet the Regulations

We value the quality and safety of our products, especially those aimed at minors, for that manufacture under strict quality control and the requirements of our TÜV certification in accordance with the Standards EN-1176 and EN-1177.

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Service & Quality

We know the value that defines the quality of a company is the team, so we have qualified to offer the best service from a good project to execution, through a careful manufacturing and quality control. We conducted a study without obligation your playground or street furniture project for improvement of future developments.


In equipment for URBAN ENVIRONMENT we care to choose well our materials; using well on all our products, noble and respectful materials with the environment, with certificates of origin and suitable for outdoor installation. they all wear resistant to deterioration by water, corrosion, chemicals, mites, heat, solar radiation and overall durability against severe weather conditions.