Artificial grass

Available in a range of colors, our artificial grass gives playgrounds an attractive and friendly look for children. It has unbeatable safety, so kids can enjoy their playtime while minimizing the risk of falling. In addition, the innovative composition of its fibers makes it 100% antistatic, antibacterial and fireproof.

Green, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, White

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  • Our artificial grass complies with all the current safety regulations for playgrounds.
  • The innovative composition of its fibers makes the electrostatic charge dissipate.
  • The fibers are treated with anti-bacterial products so that it remains free of any bacteria.
  • The cushioning base has double drainage for a greater flow of liquids and dirt.
  • It’s safe for any possible falls thanks to its cushioning base.
  • It’s totally fireproof, preventing it from catching fire in the event of accidental exposure to flames.

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Green, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, White

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