Senegal Playground

Set of 2 towers, one square and one triangular, with access and exit through smooth, textured ramps or small jumps, with interactive elements, as well as steps and bases for group play. A colourful game decorated with palm trees. The use of extruded aluminium for the main structure and galvanised steel for connecting pieces and trims stands out.

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Additional information

Anodised extruded aluminium pillars.
HDPE plates in various colours.
Steel tube painted with brown thermo-lacquered polyester paint.
Stainless steel lowering ramp
By means of anchor bolts.

Recommended age of use:
All ages.

8 users

Safety zone surface:
706 x 925 cm

Free fall height:
194 / 122 / 68 cm.
Overall dimensions of the set:
438 x 650 x 301 cm

Approximate weight of the set:
— kg.

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