Alicante Installs Ischiatic Support Benches on Its Streets

The new street furniture installed by the Alicante City Council attracts attention because of its unconventional design, which has raised questions among the population.

The new ischiatic support benches are intended for elderly people with sciatica problems. The benches’ purpose is to allow the elderly to rest without affecting areas where pain normally occurs.

The Infrastructure area of the City of Alicante has installed these benches in streets such as Conde Lumiares, Pintor Baeza, Plaza América and Carratalá Cernuda. Mayor José Ramón González reports that they have been acquired using “participatory budgets” and notes that their location has been planned in agreement with neighbors in the busiest areas of these different sectors.

These types of benches, which are new to Alicante, are already installed at subway stations in other cities such as Madrid and Valencia.