Interview for the Cities Forum

During the celebration of the XVIII International Fair of Urbanism and Environment (TECMA) held in June in the city of Madrid, our General Manager Mr. Francisco Galián Vivancos was interviewed for the IFEMA’s Forum of Sustainable Environmental Solutions.

In addition to the environmental vision and function of Equipamientos para Entorno Urbano, he explained important factors to consider, such as the fact that children have their first contact with the city through playgrounds. At these locations, they can enjoy the town, play and meet lifelong friends.

Equipamientos para Entorno Urbano is committed to developing these urban areas with the latest in sustainability. For example, by limiting materials that are difficult to recycle for certain products, and always respecting safety and health regulations for children.

The design of our products seeks to naturally integrate games into the city in an attractive way, while also maintaining safety, stimulating development and creativity, and encouraging accessibility of equipment for children of any condition or limitation.

During the fair, the renewed 3D BUG PLAYGROUND SERIES and our new SAFARI SERIES were presented to visitors, who were able to appreciate the great leap achieved with these launches. Our products are always aligned with the philosophy of originality, respect for the environment, and playful and creative appeal of urban spaces.