New Park in Los Urrutias

A new park by the sea and next to the Social Center of Los Urrutias is about to be completed. It will include a playground and a fitness area for seniors. The park will be available to use as soon as its opening is authorized.

The deputy mayor, Noelia Arroyo, the councilman of the Decentralization Area, Diego Ortega, and the Councillor for Tourism, Cristina Perez, visited the grounds on Monday, June 1, to check the status of the works.

Arroyo explained that it “was a request from the neighbors to provide a play area for children and seniors next to the Social Club” and recalled that it “has involved an investment of 45,000 euros, which is part of the project to improve infrastructure and street lighting in towns south of the Mar Menor with a budget of approximately 250,000 euros.”

Once this park is completed, planned work will begin in Los Nietos. This project will replace the perimeter fencing of the multi use games area that was in very poor condition. This will improve the aesthetics of the area and include a new playground installation.

Accompanied by the presidents of the Neighborhood Council, Francisca Martinez, and the Neighborhood Association, Elena Lledó, Arroyo has indicated that the City Council “will remodel the lighting in El Carmolí and the Punta Brava promenade with LED technology, following the Government’s commitment to improving energy efficiency in the municipality.”

Both projects have a budget of 50,000 euros each. The improvement of lighting of El Carmolí is in the contracting phase, while the Punta Brava promenade project is in the drafting phase by the technicians of the Department of Infrastructure and Coastline.

With all these improvements, Arroyo has pointed out that “the residents of the towns of Mar Menor needed a boost in the improvement and maintenance of their infrastructure and services. These works will allow them to have better spaces for leisure and sports.”