Large Wheel Spinners

This fitness equipment strengthens upper body muscles and improves the flexibility and agility of shoulder joints. Highly recommended for shoulder rehabilitation.

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Product manufactured from galvanised steel tube. The sheet metal anchorage and
the rest of the metal parts are zinc-plated. Final coating with
primer and baked polyester paint. The mechanisms are made up of
zinc-plated shafts and self-lubricating bearings. HDPE panels.
HDPE PANELS. Polyethylene/polyamide plastic parts. All this gives it
a special quality for use outdoors and in public spaces.
Particularly suitable for shoulder rehabilitation.
Dimensions: 840x653x1669 mm. Movement area: 3840×3653 mm.
Approximate weight: 45 kg.
Development and reinforcement of the upper limbs and in particular the shoulders, improving
shoulders, improving body coordination.
Instructions for use:
Facing the wheel, hold the handles,
turning the wheel clockwise and then counterclockwise.
clockwise and then anticlockwise.
Repeat the same exercise with your back to the wheel.
to the wheel.
Equipment intended only for young people and adults
or persons over 1.4 m tall.
Before using this equipment, consider your medical fitness.
medical fitness.
Avoid overexertion while using the equipment.

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