6 Tower Adventure

Compact playground that consists of six towers, three slides, six platforms, a climbing structure, three climbing panels, two access ladders, two walkways, an access ramp, two panels with a drawing of a little girl and boy playing, three decorative panels with pinwheels and an inner bench, a Tibetan bridge, two tunnels, two fireman’s poles and a double swing set.

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Additional Information

Red, brown, yellow, blue and green HDPE plates.
Steel tube painted with red thermo-lacquered polyester paint.
Stainless steel fire hose and slide downpipe.
Platform and posts in autoclave-treated wood.
Reinforced rope climbing.
By metal anchoring with bolts and concrete footings.

Recommended age for use:
From 2 years of age.

Capacity: 24-40 children.

Safety zone surface:
13,43×12,60 m
Free fall height:
1,53 / 1,70 m
Dimensions of the largest part:
4,05×0,21×0,32 m (swing tube).
Overall dimensions of the set:
11,69×3,68×9,51 m
Total weight of the heaviest piece:
90 kg
Approximate weight of the set:
1500 kg

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