Urban Environment Present in Puertollano

In the square of the Constitution the playground intended for smaller in an area occupying 180 sqm will be built.

This park will consist of 3 different elements: A butterfly and a ladybug game and two swings of which one will have small children cradle seats and additionally a game of whale-shaped springs.

its unique soil is mainly will stake without joints, making it more durable and sustainable, in order to ensure the safety of all children who use it. A continuous rubber granules floor designed to absorb shocks in case of falls.

This new playground has a budget of € 16,636 for the games and 13,500 € to the ground.

They have intensified work with city staff and hired unemployed with the Employment Plan of the Provincial Government to complete the works on the estimated date.

Thus the remodeling of the square of the Constitution thus enters its final stretch, with the intention that the celebrations of “La Noche Blanca” and the holyday of the Constitution of the weekend are finalized, as announced by the mayor, Mayte Fernandez, who has visited this morning the work of installation of the elements of the playground.