Win for the Spanish National Field Hockey Team (Masters +55)

Selecciones nacionales de Irlanda y España de Hockey Hierba Master + 55

At Entorno Urbano, we support our national sports teams. We’re proud to announce that the Spanish National Field Hockey Team in the Masters +55 category went to Dublin on July 13-14 to play two friendly matches against the Irish National Team in the same category. The result was very positive for the Spanish team, who even after some injuries, achieved two big wins on Saturday and Sunday: Ireland 1 – Spain 4 and Ireland 1 – Spain 6.

This match, like previous ones (the first of which took place last February in Murcia), aims to provide the Spanish team with the best possible preparation. The national team will participate in the European Masters Field Hockey Championship from August 8-18 in the German city of Krefeld.

The national selection includes Murcian Matias Balibrea (goalkeeper) and José Antonio Galián (wing), who previously participated with the Spanish team in the last World Masters Championship.

At the official dinner, the captain of the Irish team was presented with a t-shirt with the Equipamientos para Entorno Urbano logo.

National coach Pablo Castronovo has great confidence in his players, who have demonstrated a high level of play. He has a positive and optimistic attitude about the European Championship and hopes to go far.

The players who traveled to Dublin included:

Albert Martí, Arturo Serna, Carlos Monsalve, Hans Kools, Jaime Fernández, Jaume Anguera, Joan Folch, José Antonio Galián, Jordi Badal, Luís Mari Usoz, Luis Villafruela, Nicolas Rodríguez, and Xavier Prat.

In addition, the national team was joined by physiotherapists Ángel Sampayo and Viqui Luengo.